Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Androids and Robots of Zaoth

Eons ago, before their attempts at creating life, the Ancient Ones delved into advanced forms of science creating androids and robots to act as servants.  These androids were crafted to serve a variety of purposes the most common of which were as warriors and guardians of their vast complexes.  Today, these androids can still be found within the ruins of the Ancient Ones' cities and keeps.  Many of them remain in programmed slumber, awaiting some sort of triggering to once again rise and protect their long extinct masters' treasures.

In the world of Zaoth there are many ancient ruins holding vast technological and magical treasures.  These ruins are sometimes protected by these androids who awaken when groups of plunderers and adventurers wander into their vicinity.  These androids are triggered in the same fashion as a typical trap might be in a traditional dungeon environment (pressure plates, alarms, etc.)   Below is a table for randomly generating these robotic monstrosities for use within an adventure set in Zaoth.

Body d6:
1 - Large bipedal (treat as size L creatures)
2 - Large Quadrapedal
3-5- Medium bipedal
6 -  Special

Armor Class d20:
1 - 0
2-5 - 1
6-8 - 2
9-10 - 3
11-15 - 4
16-18 - 5
19 - 6
20 - GM chooses

Hit Dice d20:
1-10 - 2+2
11-14 - 3+3
15-17 - 4+4
18-19 - 5+5
20 - GM chooses

Attacks (roll twice on this table) d20:
1-10 - Blaster rifle (range 50 feet, dmg 1d6, 2 attacks per round)
11-13 - Lasgun mounted on head or in eyes (range 30 feet, dmg 2d6, 1 attack per round)
14-15 - Missile launcher (range 100 feet, dmg 4d6 in 20' radius, d4 total missiles, 1 attack per round)
16-17- Tentacle attacks (extend out 20', dmg 1d6 then 1d3 every round after successful attack, grabs random limb, STR check to break free, # attacks based on number of limbs)
18-19 - Stun Noise (range 30', save vs breath weapon or be stunned and unable to move/attack for 1d4 rounds, 1 attack per round)
20 - GM chooses

Special Defenses (roll 50% chance for special defense system) d10:
1 - Force field (+2 bonus to AC, all normal missiles deflect)
2 - Teleportation (Once per day may teleport without fail up to 50' in programmed/known areas)
3 - Gas secretion (Once per day secretes toxic gas.  Roll save vs poison or suffer -2 STR for 1d10 turns)
4 - Increased armor (Harder reinforced armor.  +3 bonus to AC)
5 - Self destruct (If reduced to 0 hit points, self destructs in an explosion dealing 5d6 damage to all opponents within 10' radius)
6 - Heat shield (Added protection from heat/fire based attacks.  Takes only 1/2 damage from these attacks, and if saving throw is required and successful, takes no damage [i.e. fireball spell])
7 -Mirror image (Android has capability to create d6 holographic copies of itself so as to be indistinguishable from its true image.  These act per the Mirror Image spell.)
8 - Reflector field (Attacks made by laser/blaster weapons, and/or spells are reflected back at the shooter/caster)
9 - Flight (Has the ability to fly at will)
10 - GM chooses

As an aside, it should be a given that in addition to the normal special defenses an android/robot may have, they are naturally immune to all sleep, charm, and hold type spells.

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